Sunday, 30 August 2015

Treasured finds - Turn DIY

My husband and I love to go out and look around at what people have put out for council clean up (kerb side clean up) and you would be amazed at the quality of some of the stuff that you can find and with a little TLC or a whole new freshen up of a paint job you can totally transform a piece of furniture to be what you want it to be. This weekend just gone and the weekend before we found 2 great quality  pieces and together with my husbands help have totally transformed them and I love how they have turned out.

The first piece that we found and transformed was this lovely little bedside table.

Brown draws with ugly green laminated top
So first of all my husband sanded and sprayed the outside of the table with white (antique white USA)  paint and I painted the fronts of the draws with a Turquoise green (Tempting aqua) paint with a paint brush and just di a fairly light coat of it so that some of the timber would be showing through to give it more of the shabby chic look. And I love who it has turned out.
After Photo

Then our second piece of furniture was this very rustic chest of draws which I actually really liked in its rustic nature but want to keep it the same as the other chest of draws which are all going into my quilting studio.

We did the same application on these draws as the previous ones and sprayed the outside with white (antique white USA) and the draws were painted with the turquoise (Tempting aqua) and were also painted one coat sparingly to give it more of the shabby chic look and  on this one I also sprayed the handles with a satin black finish and once again I love how they have turned out.

There are so many things you can do with things that other people might see as trash that may  just turn out to be treasure for you. Its always worth keeping an eye out. In fact my whole quilting studio has been created with furniture that other people have thrown out or given away free on gumtree.

Thanks for reading and hope you have some fun of your own recreating some furniture that was once destined for the scrap heap.