Friday, 4 September 2015

Schnitzel & boo mini quilt swap

So I have decided that it's time that I started to join in on a few Instagram swaps. I am fairly new to swaps with only having done a few through a quilt club that I have been subscribed to this year. So far I have really enjoyed those swaps and love that its a great way to make new friends and have some great fun along the way.

My first Instagram swap that I decided to join in was the Schnitzel & boo mini quilt swap. This swap is due for posting early November 2015 and is also a secret swap so who I get to make something for is not who will be making something for me and we won't know who has made for us until our swap arrives in the mail.

So I have done my mosaics ready for my partner to be able to view and get a feel for what I like but truly I am not that fussy and really like most things quilty and homemade. It's the thought and hard work that someone else has put into the piece that makes it truly so special and unique. But below I will post some pictures of my inspiration mosaics.

                                                           Inspiration mosaic 1

                                                            Inspiration mosaic 2

But to me swaps are truly about meeting new friends and having some fun along the way.  So to whoever my partner is and if you get a chance to read this my pictures are just some inspiration and I really just want you to sit back and enjoy yourself with this swap.

Have fun quilty friends and until next time stay safe.