Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The rope bowl craze - Round rope bowls

Well it's been a long time with no blogity blog. This year has been crazy so far and my blog posting schedule has gone way off track. The year has been filled with many, many doctors appointments and hasn't left much time for anything else but hopefully things are on there way to getting back to a sort of normal routine and I will be able to get back on  some sort of a posting schedule again.

Putting all that aside, I have been bitten by the rope bowl craze. They are so much fun to make and pretty quick too. So I thought I would post a little bit of the process of how to make these cute baskets.

In these baskets I have used between a 15mt and 25mt roll of polyester rope. The thickest you will want is about 6mm. I also used polyester thread on mine because I used polyester rope,  and you will also want to change your sewing machine needle to a 90 or 100 size needle. Also set your sewing machine on zigzag stitch and change your stitch length to about a 6 or bigger if you can. That's as big as mine will go.

Start by coiling your rope only a small section like so and place 2 straight pins to hold that in place while you get started. Getting it started off is the hardest part. Take your pins out once you have done a few stitches.

Then place it under your presser foot and lower it. put your needle down and start slowly zigzag stitching. Turning your oil of rope as you go.

Continue with this process until you have your base the desired size that you want. Once your base starts getting bigger it will get easier to stitch.

Once your base is as big as you want it hold the coiled part of rope in your left hand and tilt it up towards your machine like so.

Then keep stitching around and around until you are almost out of rope.


Once you get near the end of your rope length you can choose to do handles. This one I have just done a simple loop handle. To do that with your last piece of rope loop it around like so.

Then continue to stitch to join it to the rest of the basket.

These are so fun and addictive to make I am sure you wont stop at one. I know I didn't and they are great for storing all sorts of things.

Thanks for reading.