Friday, 17 June 2016

February's "All people quilt" UFO challenge

February's "All people quilt" UFO challenge was  the lucky number 5. Number 5 on my list was my Technicolor Galaxy quilt from Pile O fabric, which is a quilt along that I joined at the beginning of last year. At this time the quilt along hadn't finished so the procrastinator in me put off working on it (as per usual) and decided to finish up a different quilt on my list.

I went ahead and finished up my smaller blue string quilt which is number 4 on my UFO list. I already had the quilt top finished on this one all I needed to do was baste it up, quilt and bind it.

There was still plenty of time left in the month after I finished that quilt off so I decided to go full steam ahead and try and finish up another quilt up off  my list. I choose to work on my Craft Gemini mystery  quilt which was number 6 on my UFO list. It had already finished up in December 2015, but I still had these 6 blocks left to make for this quilt.

Then I needed to piece the quilt top together and The usual basting, quilting and binding after that.

I was so pleased even though I didn't get to finish off my technicolour galaxy quilt in February I had a very productive month and finished up 2 other quilts from my UFO list which will free up other months to work on other UFO'S.

I love being apart of the quilting community and having things like the "All people quilt UFO challenge" are a fantastic way of keeping me focused and pushing me to finish up projects that are just laying around waiting patiently half done. I have a little bit crafters ADHD and I am brilliant at starting things and then pushing them aside to start new exciting projects that come along. So this is the year to concentrate on finishing them instead of leaving them lonely in a corner. I would like to know who else is with me on finishing up some UFO"S on there list this year?

Stay safe and have a great weekend. Happy crafting. XOXO