Tuesday, 3 November 2015

An awesome weekend

This past weekend my eldest daughter came to visit. It's been almost 2 years since I have seen her as she lives in Brisbane and has also just spent a year in Germany. She came and spent 4 days here to visit me for my birthday and we had a great time together.

For her 21st birthday a few months ago her grandmother bought her a sewing machine and she has been eager to learn how to sew, so my mum ( her grandmother) started her off a few weeks ago and she started working on a basic baby size quilt. She had the top of the quilt completed before she came down. While she was here I showed her how to baste a quilt and how to quilt it and she madly worked away on it to get it finished while she was here. We then quickly squeezed in showing her how to attach the binding and now all she has left to do is hand stitch the binding down at the back. I am so proud of her and what she has made and I love that she has taken an interest in sewing and quilting. She is also a very crafty young girl so I know she will do a great job and she will learn quickly.

While she was here I also taught her how to do hand embroidery. She picked this up like a champ and has powered through this quicker than me. I started her off with a nice small project and something that was manageable. We started with "The Christmas wreath" pattern from  jenny of elefantz which you will find the link for the pattern at her blog HERE.  We also went spotlight shopping and chose our fabric selections that we both wanted to use for this project. I will post some progress pictures below but once we have both finish our projects I will do a separate blog post on it to show all.

I also had a few embroidery and quilting items on my wish list for my birthday and I was so spoilt this year and my husband bought me  the A3 size light box which is making the job of hand embroidery a dream now. Before that I was using a computer paper box with a LED push light in it and a piece of picture frame glass on top. It certainly did the job but nowhere near as bright and having the light box makes things so much more accurate.

One of the other items I have had on my wish list for a long time is Electric quilt 7. So my children bought me this as one of my birthday presents. Electric quilt 7 is a quilt design software. It has 5000 free blocks and photo editing tools with helpful tutorial video's. Once I have opened this and have used it for a little while I will give you an update and a review of this product.

I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend like I did and spent some time doing some things that you enjoyed.

Until next time take care my lovely people.