Friday, 13 November 2015

Aussie christmas swap part 1

 I love Christmas time and  I was waiting for some type of Christmas swap to come up on instagram. So when I seen the Aussie Christmas swap pop up on my screen from  fortheloveoffabric I jumped on the chance to participate in this swap.  This swap is a secret swap that is  open for Australian's only. We are to make/ buy/bake a gift for our partner matching their likes and interests. All of our gift's need to be sent between the 1st and the 8th of December.

I am really excited about this swap being the huge Christmas lover that I am and already planning a bunch of Christmas craft activities for my blog starting later in the month. So as soon as I was emailed my partner's information I sprung into stalking mode (in a good way) and started planning out my swap goodies that I plan to make and buy. I have a few things in mind to make so I did a sample of one of them to see how it turned out. It is this cute little snowman pattern from a quilt along that Lori Holt from "Bee in my bonnet" ran over on here instagram last year.  Here is a  picture of the sample that I made and I may end up using this block as part of my swap. I will also be including a few extra's to go along with it.

Like every swap we were also to post a mosaic picture of some things that we liked ourselves for inspiration for our partner to look at. Here is my mosaic that I posted.

But I love Christmas so much and would truly be happy with anything Christmas related or handmade. To me it's more about the thought that my partner has put into this that count's and this time of year is such a crazy time of year for everyone so I just want my partner to relax and have fun with the swap.

So if you are interested to see what I end up making for this swap stay tuned for part 2 after my partner receives all her goodies.