Thursday, 26 November 2015

Twiggie twinkle lights

I have been planning this project out in my head for a while now but it wasn't until I was in the process of making it that it all fell into place and came together.

For this cute project you will need

Some sticks

A small packet of battery operated Christmas lights

spray paint (colour of your choice)

ribbon or twine

paper towel (optional


lighter (if using ribbon)

small Christmas baubles

A clear glass vase

To start with spray paint your sticks. Also if you want your lights to match the colour of your spray paint you will need to take the light part out of where it sits and plug the hole with some paper towel and spray paint them too.

Once they have both dried, take your vase and put your painted sticks into it. Place some of your baubles in and around the sticks to support them.

Then  take the paper towel out of your lights place your bulbs back into the strand of lights. Cut some ribbon long enough to be able to tie your lights to the sticks. I just tied double knots but you could also do a bow. Then start attaching your lights starting from the first light after the battery pack and tie them on with the ribbon or string. Keep feeding the lights up and down your twigs attaching it with your ribbon at each light of every second light until you have used all your lights. If you do have a few left at the end just tuck them into the top of your vase.

Hope you enjoy this project.