Sunday, 29 November 2015

Easy lemon cheesecake

This is my all time go to cheesecake recipe. I have used this recipe for many, many years now. It only uses 4 ingredients for it which makes it so quick and easy to make. But you do need to leave it set overnight.


1 packet of scotch finger biscuits

600 ml's of cream

1 can of condensed milk

and the juice of one lemon (it's need's to be the juice of a fresh lemon not the bottled lemon juice because that is what makes it set.


1. Firstly lay out your scotch finger biscuits to cover the bottom of your tray. I use a Tupperware slice and store container and it works really well.

2. whip your cream with a mixing bowl until it has formed stiff peaks. Don't over whip though.

3. combine your condensed milk and the juice of your lemon in another container and fold the 2 ingredients together until they are combined.

4. Now you want to transfer your condensed milk and lemon juice mixture into the bowl with the cream and fold the 2 together. Don't whip them just gentle folding motion.

5. Once these are well combined pour that mixture over the top of your biscuits and cover and place in fridge overnight. ( you do need to let it set overnight for the mixture to set and the biscuits to soften.)

Hope you enjoy this simple recipe.