Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christmas pine cone decorating

Today we will be decorating pine cones. I have 2 versions for you. Spray painted pine cones and snow pine cones. These look great displayed in a large glass bowl or large glass vase. (you want them to be clear glass so you can see them) You can also use them for decorating wreaths or  any other Christmas decorating.

For the first version you will need your pine cones and some spray paint of your choice. I used some gold, bronze and silver. I also made a few in turquoise to go with my Christmas colour scheme.

All you need to do for these ones is simply spray paint your pinecones. ( I did 2 coats of paint on mine and let them dry between coats) Once they are completely dry you can pile them up in your glass bowl or vase or use them to decorate with.

For the  second version you will need your pine cones, some craft acrylic pain in white and white glitter , a paint brush, and plastic disposable plate. Use your paint brush to paint the edges of your pine cone, you don't want them to be completely covered just the edges) while your paint is still wet with the paint roll your pine cone in the glitter. (I found it easy to put the glitter into a disposable plastic bowl) then let your pine cones dry and add them to your glass bowl with the other painted ones.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend.