Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas bauble wreath

Today I have a fun tutorial for you. We are going to be making a "Christmas bauble wreath".
For this project the supplies that you will need are:


lots and lots of Christmas baubles
a wire coat hanger
a hot glue gun and some extra glue sticks
Christmas ribbon or ribbon of your choice

To start with you will need to undo your wire coat hanger and shape it into a circle as best as you can. Like you can see in the picture below.

Once you have shaped your coat hanger you can go ahead and  glue all of the tops onto your baubles so they don't fall off later on.

Once you have done that you can start to thread your baubles onto your coat hanger like so.

At the beginning you will have to kind of thread them on to get past that first part of the coat hanger. then just keep adding your baubles until your coat hanger is full from start to finish of where you untwisted it.

Then you will need to twist it back up again and the top hook of the coat hanger becomes your hanger for your wreath. If you wish you can tie a bow around this part to hide it like so.

Hope you have fun with this tutorial. Happy Christmas crafting.