Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Merry snowball quilt

I really wanted to make an extra Christmas quilt for our bed this year so I need something that was going to come together quickly. So I came up with a plan to make this quilt and I decided to call it "Merry snowball"

 I took a 110cm square of a feature fabric that was a large scale print. I then used 8 inch squares to snowball the 4 corner's of the square.

Then I did a 4 inch boarder in the lime green fabric and also used 8 inch squares to snowball the corner's of that boarder.

The next round I used 6 inch boarder's and once again I used 8 inch squares to snowball the corner's again. I then did another 4 inch boarder with the same 8 inch squares to  snowball the corner's and then on the last round I did a 7 inch boarder with the 8 inch square on the corner's. The quilt ended up at approx. 220cm square and

When it came to quilting it I also wanted to keep it simple but effective so I decided to use a Christmas variegated embroidery thread and I alternated between two decorative stitches that I have on my machine. I used the serpentine stitch and the vine stitching. I love the vine stitching because it sort of looks like Christmas lights, and I just alternated between them going diagonally across the quilt.

I love how this quilt turned out and it came together pretty quickly. I am so happy that now I have a Christmas quilt large enough for our bed.

Happy sewing