Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas (free) printable's DIY

 Today I have a DIY tutorial for you that you can use as part of your Christmas decorating or you could turn it into a great gift idea for someone.

You will need to print out some free printable picture's or sayings. I won't add any links for you as there are so many available out there on the internet all you need to do is Google free Christmas printable (if you are after a Christmas one) or free printable picture's or quotes and there are plenty to choose from.

You could simply add these into the appropriate sized picture frame but I have decided to take my decorating a little bit further. I have used some 6mm MDF which I had cut to size ( you want your MDF to be larger than the size of the print). Then I spray painted them with a white background. On the MDF this takes about 3 coats of paint with dry time in between each coat.

Then I have 2 options that I am going to be using. The first option is to take a foam sponge dotting paint brush and some acrylic craft paint of your choice. Then dab your dotting brush into the paint and paint random spots on the painted MDF. Let that dry before you move onto the next step.

Then you will need your printable and some PVA glue and a paint brush. Brush a thin layer of the glue on the back of your printable and position it into place where you want it to sit on the board. I then put a book on top of it overnight so that the edges wouldn't lift.

If you want it to be hung on the wall simply take some string and a staple gun and staple gun the string across the back. Or you could some picture fame hangers that you can buy from hardware stores.

For the second option you will follow the same basic steps except instead of painting on the dot's you will use some lace. Cut a strip of lace so that it covers the length of the board and can extend past so you can tape it to the back of the board. You can cover the whole board or you can just do a strip at the side it's up to you. Then spray paint over the lace the rest of the board and allow to dry. Once it has completely dried remove the lace and add your printable in the same manner as before.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you could certainly use this for any other time of year not just at Christmas time.

Happy 13th day of Christmas. XO