Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sunday Funday

Last Sunday the 29th November my youngest  daughter  Chelsea came to spend the day and night with me. We had so much fun and I took the opportunity to get help with putting up our Christmas tree. We put on some Christmas movies through the day as we put the tree up (my all time favourite Christmas movie is Christmas with the cranks)  and decorated it and we had a blast together. I forgot how much fun it was to put the tree up with someone else as the last several years I have done it on my own. Of course we also had our kitty Jasper help us (not really but in his mind he was helping) in which he has almost destroyed the Christmas tree now.


After we accomplished putting setting the tree up we moved onto attempting to decorate a gingerbread house. I say attempted because we bought the kit form big W but the icing consistency wasn't the best so we ended up decorating the pre cut biscuits and we sampled them just like that. But all in all it was fun and for me it was more about building the memories  with my daughter.

We then spent the night watching some more good old favourite Christmas movie's and chatting away with the Christmas lights going in the background.  I love building these kind of memories with my kids and making new traditions that hopefully we can do each year.

I would love to know what traditions that any of you have each year. Whether it's a long standing family tradition or something that is a new tradition.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a lovely weekend.