Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tis the season to decorate

We have now hit December and it's that time of year to get the Christmas decorations out and start the decorating process. So come along with me and I will show how I have decorated my house so far  for Christmas.

My lounge room is the room where I do most of my decorating. We only have a small house and our lounge room is quite small but I still try to pack as many decorations in there as I can without making it look overdone.

 I am lucky enough to have a fireplace in my lounge room which is a great place to decorate. I love to use a garland on my fire place mantel which I always put on first then I add my other decorations around it. This year I made the 3 Christmas scene's in a jar and I love how they look on my mantel. I purchased this Christmas wreath from goodwill and I pulled off the red bow's that were originally on it and replaced it with some battery operated star lights and some bunches of red berries and I love how much better it looks now. I have also added this glass salad bowl full of painted pine cones and I love the impact it has given to the rest of the decorations that I have displayed on the fire place.

I  added a large cane basket and rolled my Christmas quilts up and put them in the basket and it makes for a nice cosy look right beside the fire place.

Then we have our Christmas tree. This year I decided to leave the Christmas lights off and added deco mesh because our kitty likes to trash the Christmas tree and I love the look of the deco mesh. You can find a tutorial HERE if you would like to learn some great tips on how to attach the deco mesh to your tree. I also then kept the ornaments to a minimum because the deco mesh gave such a great impact that I didn't need to go overboard with them.

On my T.V stand I have used my tiggy twinkle lights that I blogged about HERE and some Christmas smelling Yankee candles. I kept the rest of my decorations on here small to let the twiggy twinkle lights be the stand out.

In my dining room I displayed one of my Christmas quilts on the wall using a curtain rod and some clip hooks. This is a great way to show off all your Christmas quilts and you get to use them as part of your decorating. We put so much hard work into making them so why not display them for everyone to enjoy.

I still have some more decorations to make to add around my house so stay tuned for some more crafting tutorials through the rest of this month.