Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas wreath card holder

Today is the 14th day of Christmas and by now most of us are starting to get a collection of Christmas cards and if you are anything like me every year I seem to struggles with where to put them. Especially now that we live in a very small house. So today I have a great tutorial on how to make a Christmas wreath card holder. Even your cat will want to help.

You will need:

Strong cardboard ( I used a large cardboard box)

2 different sized circles objects (I used a large plated and a smaller one)

marking device pen or marker

Scissors and Stanley  knife

hot glue gun and glue sticks

green spray paint

Wooden pegs (approx.  68  )

a 50 cm length of ribbon

and a bow


To start with trace out your larger circle onto your cardboard and cut out and as usual if there is  a box in town the cat will be around.

  Then trace out your smaller inner circle and cut out. I will look like this when you have cut both circles out.

Then you will need to spray paint all of your pegs and cardboard. With your pegs make sure you spray paint them all over like so.

Once your paint has fully dried start hot gluing your pegs on the cardboard like so until your pegs reach back at the beginning.

Leave for about 10 to 15 mins for you glue to full cure. Then you can add your ribbon to the top and tie it in a bow so that you can hang your wreath. Also add your bow to the bottom of the wreath where you open the peg using some hot glue. Here is what your finished product will look like.

Hope you enjoyed todays tutorial and happy 14th day of Christmas crafting.