Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Summer trifle

Every year for Christmas it's my job to make desserts. One of my desserts that I always love to make at Christmas time is summer trifle. It's so easy to make and with Christmas time in Australia usually being so hot a muggy it always goes down a treat. This is also one of those desserts that you can make up to a few days ahead and I think it tastes better.


1 packet mango jelly (made up to packet directions)

1 jam roll cake

1 litre of custard

2 - 3 passion fruits or 1 can passionfruit

mangoes ( you can use fresh but I just use a combination of frozen and canned mango)


1. Cut your  jam roll into thin slices and make one layer with the cake on the bottom of your trifle dish like so.

2. Add a layer of your mango's and passion fruit.

3. Then add a layer of your mango jelly ( use about 1/2 your made up jelly)

4. Then add about 1/2 your custard in the next layer.

5. Repeat those four steps again and top with drizzled passion fruit.

6. It does need to be made at least a day in advance

Wishing you all a happy 23rd day of Christmas and here's to beating the Christmas crowds  and rush.