Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fish bowl christmas scene with lights

Today we will be making a spin off from yesterday's craft project. These cute Christmas scene's but this time instead of using the lolly jars we will be making them in these fish bowl's and adding some light's to them for a different kind of affect.


Fish bowl

fake snow

a Christmas tree decoration

an ornament (I used a reindeer in mine)

and some battery operated lights

 First of all wipe your bowl out so that it is free from dust and any film that may be on the glass. Then pour in a good amount of the fake snow. ( I poured some in then added in my lights and added some more snow so that some of the lights were covered in snow). Then place in your Christmas tree and ornament and turn on your lights.

I really love how these look grouped together with the lolly jar ones from yesterday's blog post.Hope you enjoy this quick little project and have fun making some of your own.